alan simon is the president of on location education


Alan Simon created, and has been at the helm of, On Location Education (OLE) for over 30 years. Simon was educated at Brooklyn College and began his career as a per diem substitute teacher and performer. This experience paved the way for starting On Location  Education and building it into a nationwide organization. Since then, OLE has provided teachers for all media, including television, film, theatre, the recording industry, and circuses. Simon is considered a knowledgeable source on the educational needs of young performers and has written and conducted many seminars on the subject. He is co-author of “CallBack: The Young Performer’s Guide: How to Break Into Show Business”, a valuable resource for young performers and their parents. In addition, he is co-chairperson of the SAG-AFTRA Performer’s Committee, New York Branch, and a member of the Young Performer’s Committee of the Actors’ Equity Association. Simon organizes seminars for both unions that bring together recognized authorities from all sectors of the entertainment industry to instruct families about the realities of show business. Simon is also an active member of The Broadway League (formerly The League of American Theaters and Producers). In this capacity he has played an integral part in the development of the League’s Broadway Speakers Bureau, which brings professionals to college and university students to offer a behind-the-scenes look at other theatre related occupations.

Alan Simon also performs his own one-man cabaret show in New York City and vicinity.

karin farrell is the vice president of on location education

KARIN FARRELL, Vice President

Karin graduated from Augustana College with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and Performance. She began her career with On Location Education in 1996 as a teacher of children on national theatrical tours. Karin has also performed as an actress and musician on theatrical tours, and in film and television. This combined experience has given her a broad knowledge of the needs of production companies and of child performers. She has been a member of OLE’s management team since 1999.



jodi green is the director of on location education

JODI GREEN, Director

Jodi received a Bachelor of Science in Education from Seton Hall University and a Master of Arts in Theatre from Montclair State University. She began her career with On Location Education in 1988 as a tutor for children on Broadway, theatrical tours, movies, and television shows. She found an ideal way to combine her background in education and theatre management by joining On Location Education’s management team in 1997.




MADELINE ALT, Associate Director

Madeline earned a Bachelor of Science in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences from the University of Florida and a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Central Florida. She served in elementary schools as both a mental health counselor and guidance counselor, which familiarized her with academic and compliance needs of students, teachers, and administrators. In 2016, Madeline welcomed the opportunity to come aboard the OLE management team.