Improv Games for Young Actors

Improv Games for Young Actors

Improv games are great as a training aid, a creative exercise, or just a fun diversion. And the good news is that actors can't lose at these games. As we discussed in our last article, improvisation mastery builds confidence, skill, versatility, and courage on stage, in front of the camera, and in auditions.

Improv is an invaluable tool, for any actor, but especially for young performers. Beginning in childhood, improv games help sharpen character development, creativity, and on-the-spot decision-making to a fine point. And they can be played just about anywhere at any time. Think about it: Fun and free. All work and all play. What’s not to love?

Here are a few tried-and-true improv game suggestions for your young performer:

Off the Cuff: 4 Benefits of Mastering Improvisation

Off the Cuff: 4 Benefits of Mastering Improvisation

Learning and mastering the art of improvisation can be the difference between landing a coveted role and blending in with the rest of the pack. It can also be a powerful tool that boosts your child’s acting to a new level. Just as important: Becoming an improv pro can build confidence, courage, and creativity. Improv actors learn to trust their instincts, tune in to the scene unfolding around them, and respond naturally. In short, improv is a vital skill to add to your talent repertoire, and here’s why:

Life Lessons from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Life Lessons from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

“Heroes Aren't Born. They’re Built.” Four Life Lessons from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

When it comes to movies, there’s no such thing as a ‘sure thing.’ There are, however, juggernaut franchises that are more likely to produce a solid-performing film than not. Marvel and its cinematic universe is one of those franchises. As we write this, the MCU marketing machine is preparing for both the DVD/Blu-ray release of Spiderman: Homecoming and the theater roll-out of Thor: Ragnarok. As fans anticipate both, wallets at the ready, they buzz about next year’s Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, and Ant-Man and The Wasp.

MCU fans, perhaps yourself included, are reaching for their collection of DVDs with plans to binge watch their way from Iron Man to Spiderman ahead of the next wave of films. Forget the debate over the proper viewing order. (Should we watch by release date or place in the story line? Do we watch Capt. America’s origin story before Tony Stark’s and where does Agents of Shield fit in anyway?) As you sit back and revisit Marvel’s heroes, watch for the life lessons imbedded in each story. Remember, as the marketing tag for Iron Man said, “Heroes aren’t born. They’re Built.” Catch these four life lessons to be your own kind of hero:

Math Tricks: Simple Strategies Teachers Don’t Want You to Know, Part 2

If you have MUCH better things to do in your life than figure out mathematical calculations, then you’ll be glad that you stumbled upon this article. We’re going to show you how you can save so much time (well, maybe a few seconds) by using simple, fun math shortcuts.

In an earlier post, we offered techniques to simplify multiplying by 5 and 25. In this post, we will explore a couple of amazing tricks with other numbers that will come in handy.

Math Tricks: Simple Strategies Teachers Don’t Want You to Know, Part 1

Now that school is back in session, it’s time to get serious about your favorite subject: Mathematics!

In the old days – before calculators and computers – people used an archaic tool to calculate mathematical equations. It was called the “brain.” And while it’s rumored that humans still possess this rusty relic, it may need some serious dusting off if they want to take it out for a spin.

Industry Voices: Part 2 of Our Interview with Denise Simon

When you think about the team of people who support a young actor’s career, a broad group of professionals come to mind: Directors, coaches, casting directors and agents all fill important functions in the success of a child performer. But let’s not forget about the critical role that parents play in supporting, protecting, encouraging, and overseeing their children’s acting careers.

Lights – Camera – Action – Yikes!!! Simple tips to overcoming stage fright

If you are the parent of a child performer, you may have experienced the following scenario:
Your young actor has been working diligently on his lines. With each run-through, he is getting closer to perfection. What a brilliant delivery! In your mind, you rearrange the mantle to make room for his soon-to-be-won Emmy. And now, it’s show time! He takes his place on the set, the Director barks, “Action!” But instead of the impeccable performance you’ve seen in rehearsal, you see a blank stare turn into a wide-eyed panic. A true Ralph Kramden “Chef of the Future” moment. (Can it core an apple??)

6 Online Study Buddies to Boost Your Subject Mastery

It’s true what they say: “Practice makes perfect.” Students hoping to get the most out of their lessons should take time to study the material outside of the classroom. Even if your student has learned how to study – an important skill often overlooked – finding the time to devote to the task can be tough. Unless, of course, you tap into the online resources that make studying fun and readily accessible on the go. Here are six sites to get your student started.  

When Child Actors Go Good There’s a Strong Support System Behind Them

When Child Actors Go Good There’s a Strong Support System Behind Them

It’s not uncommon to see a salacious story about a child actor – past or present – featured on gossip TV or in the tabloids. However, these stories that make us cringe aren’t the only outcome for young performers. There are the others who remain grounded as they grow up in front of a camera or on a stage. There is one common thread that runs through these success stories: a strong, healthy, balanced support system.