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For Production Companies and Parents:
Actors’ Equity
The Broadway League
Actors’ Federal Credit Union

As of April 1, 2013, new labor regulations apply in the state of New York. We have created the following “cheat sheets” to help Production Companies navigate the new regulations.  If you have questions or need help obtaining permits, please call us at 914.747.2737.

NYS Working Hours Of Minors in Entertainment Summary Chart 2013

NYS Education Of Minors in Entertainment Summary Chart 2013

NYS Working Hours Of Minors in Live Theater Summary Chart 2013

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How to Become a Studio Teacher (CA DLSE)

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CallBack: The Young Performers Guide: How to Break Into Show Business, co-written by Brian Padol and Alan Simon, OLE founder, is an invaluable guide for every child or teenager (and his/her parents) who has dreams of becoming a star. This is a comprehensive resource containing short articles, personal anecdotes, and advice by well-known young performers of the late 1980s and early 1990s,  including Anthony Michael Hall, Allison Smith, and Josh Saviano. Articles cover topics such as overcoming stage fright, eating well, legal issues, how to get an effective headshot, parent managers, and scene study.