On Location Education has worked on behalf of young performers for over 30 years. We have extensive knowledge of the requirements surrounding minors working in entertainment and provide various related services to production companies, schools, parents, and child actors. Below, we outline our core services. Given our years in the industry, our clients have also requested special services, often in a pinch, such as recruiting a German accent language coach, or an American Sign Language instructor. Should you have a need for young performer related services not outlined here, or for more information on any of our core services, please contact us at 914.747.2737.


On Location Education's President, Alan Simon, and Vice President, Karin Farrell discuss the nature of on-set education in this feature on WABC.


On Location Education is the premier provider of on-set education for young performers in all areas of the entertainment industry. We provide teachers and studio teachers who continue the education of young performers while they are away from school working on film, television, commercial, theatre, tour, and music concert productions. Our staff works closely with parents and school teachers to ensure young performers (those with speaking parts as well as extras) complete homework assignments and receive extra help in subject areas where needed. The teachers and tutors work with production company staff to create appropriate learning environments and ensure that young performers receive the mandated number of schooling hours during down times when, as performers, they are not directly required on set or on stage.


OLE understands the need for adaptable education, which is why it offers educational services to private clients. Just as Plato and George Washington were schooled by private tutors, we provide teachers who educate students one-on-one in their home, workplace, or wherever they may require it. This model of education outside the traditional classroom is ideal for families with various lifestyles or with unique situations such as:

  • Children of celebrities
  • Children of high profile executives
  • Business people who temporarily move outside their home country for work but wish their children to receive education in the style and curriculum of their own country
  • Parents who are away from home much of the time and want their children with them
  • Parents who choose to take the family on long term vacations
  • Parents who want a customized educational curriculum for their children
  • Professional children who are young entrepreneurs or are pursuing or have careers in entertainment and/or sports
  • Children with chronic illnesses
  • Children with learning differences

For private client educational programs, OLE  searches for teachers that meet the student’s educational needs and learning style. This includes adapting to a family’s schedule by providing educational arrangements for finite time periods or on an ongoing basis; Families have complete flexibility in scheduling. In essence, school travels to, and with, the student rather than the other way around. The educational program provides targeted academic attention with a specific focus on the needs of that one child, as opposed to traditional school systems where teachers must adapt their curriculum for an entire classroom of children with differing learning styles. Parents of students in private educational programs receive weekly progress reports and semester report cards.


On Location Education has extensive knowledge of each state’s laws regarding child labor and work permits for the employment of minors and also understands how to apply SAG-AFTRA and AEA regulations to a young performer’s work situation. We take care of all the permit paperwork so parents and producers don’t have to take precious time away from their duties to deal with this time intensive process. In certain cases, we can work with state officials to expedite the application process when extenuating circumstances exist.

Obtaining child work permits can be extremely time-consuming due to the amount of paperwork involved. On Location Education is a full-service operation that takes the hassle out of completing and filing the proper paperwork and documentation. We know exactly what you need and when you need it, based on our extensive experience. We offer both consultations and permitting assistance services.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Contact young performers’ families to gather all necessary information and documentation.
  • Prepare a complete packet of all required forms.
  • Complete all required permit or waiver applications, letters of intent, consents, and statements.
  • Compile cover letters to government agencies containing detailed information about the minor children’s performances, education, and safety.
  • Liaise with schools in order to obtain signed documents when the parents cannot.
  • File all required documents with government agencies or school authorities.

If you are interested in OLE’s permitting services, please contact Anna Smith or Rachael Kruczynski at 914.747.2737 for more information and cost estimates.


The company provides pre-production consulting services to production companies with projects involving minors. With knowledge of the intricacies of labor law and acting union requirements relating to minors,  in conjunction with the on-set teachers, we have helped save  productions money and staff time hours due to our consulting. There are many potential challenges that could arise during filming/taping/stage rehearsal. Our  consultation services  help  production companies avoid costly production delays and subsequent management and cast frustration.


Given our industry experience spanning over a quarter century, our clients have also come to us for seeking special services, because our abundance of resources affords us the ability to extend beyond our core services and jump in to help producers and directors solve their pressing issues. Some of the services we have provided include obtaining an American Sign Language coach for Tatum O’Neal and Denis Leary for their work on an episode of “Rescue Me” and offering a French dialect coach to David Duchovny on the set of his directorial debut film House of D.  We have also assisted Radio City Music Hall with the identification of a pool of local child dancers for their various productions of The Radio City Christmas Spectacular.


On Location Education president Alan Simon is a member of the education committee of The Broadway League. In that capacity, he helps conduct the League’s seminar series, The Broadway Speakers Bureau, which is targeted to college and university students and provides information on alternative careers in the entertainment industry, i.e., non-acting careers in the business side of the theatre. In past seasons, Broadway Speakers Bureau seminars were presented for schools including Long Island University, New York University, Muhlenberg College, Rutgers University, Brooklyn College, Julliard, and Borough of Manhattan Community College.


The School for Young Performers is a New York State registered K-12 private school. The school was established in 1995 and designed for students with careers in the performing arts, modeling or athletics as well as for private families. SYP’s founders and administrators have been providing a quality academic alternative in on-location settings for over 30 years. Moreover, the SYP program brings exclusive and exemplary education directly to its students.