On Location Education is the premier provider of on-set education for young performers in all areas of the entertainment industry. We provide teachers who continue the education of young performers while they are away from school working on film, television, commercial, theatre, tour, and music concert productions. Our staff works closely with parents and school teachers to ensure young performers (those with speaking parts as well as extras) complete homework assignments and receive extra help in subject areas where needed. The teachers and tutors work with production company staff to create appropriate learning environments and ensure that young performers receive the mandated number of schooling hours during down times when, as performers, they are not directly required on set or on stage.


OLE understands the need for adaptable education, which is why it offers educational services to private clients. Just as Plato and George Washington were schooled by private tutors, we provide teachers who educate students one-on-one in their home, workplace, or wherever they may require it. This model of education outside the traditional classroom is ideal for families with various lifestyles or with unique situations such as:

  • Children of celebrities
  • Children of high profile executives
  • Business people who temporarily move outside their home country for work but wish their children to receive education in the style and curriculum of their own country
  • Parents who are away from home much of the time and want their children with them
  • Parents who choose to take the family on long term vacations
  • Parents who want a customized educational curriculum for their children
  • Professional children who are young entrepreneurs or are pursuing or have careers in entertainment and/or sports
  • Children with chronic illnesses
  • Children with learning differences

For private client educational programs, OLE  searches for teachers that meet the student’s educational needs and learning style. This includes adapting to a family’s schedule by providing educational arrangements for finite time periods or on an ongoing basis; Families have complete flexibility in scheduling. In essence, school travels to, and with, the student rather than the other way around. The educational program provides targeted academic attention with a specific focus on the needs of that one child, as opposed to traditional school systems where teachers must adapt their curriculum for an entire classroom of children with differing learning styles. Parents of students in private educational programs receive weekly progress reports and semester report cards.